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Fiberglass reinforced concrete form panel
Fiberglass reinforced concrete form panel.

FiberForm® Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete Form Panels

FiberForm® Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete Form panels utilize a high quality APA trademarked Douglas Fir plywood core laminated with 17 oz. fiberglass woven roving to provide a high strength, durable, and reusable panel.  The exterior of the panel is finished with a chemical resistant gel coat finish to produce a consistent high quality architectural grade concrete finish. 

Advantages of FiberForm® Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete Panels

FiberForm® Concrete Form Panels are:

  • Less expensive than steel forms
  • More durable than MDO and HDO
  • Known for providing high strength and stiffness

All panels custom cut to your specifications. Standard panel sizes can range from 4’ X 8’ or up to a maximum of 120” high X 58’ long at no extra cost per square foot. Longer panels have proven to offer superior consistency when building seamless curved forms. No job is too small or too large.

A typical Fiber-Tech FiberForm® panel uses APA trademarked B-CX plywood, plugged and touched sanded with Structural group I veneers to ensure smooth consistent concrete form panels.  FiberForm® concrete forms are typically manufactured with 1/2”, 5/8” or 3/4” cores.

Fiber-Tech offers standard woven roving in either 17 oz. or 22 oz weights. Multiple layers of fiberglass can be laminated together to increase strength and further improve impact resistance.

FiberForm® panels are edge-coated with a water-resistant edge coating to prevent moisture absorption.  FiberForm® panels exterior finish has been tested to be compatible with most releasing agents of various bases, concentrations and dilutions when used according to release agent’s directions.

The standard FiberForm® finishes are…

  • Side 1—Gel Coat. 15 mils (+-.003”) of a smooth, high gloss concrete grade gel coat designed to offer superior weathering characteristics and abrasion resistance. Fiber-Tech’s concrete grade gel coat is formulated to offer maximum flexibility, abrasion resistance and is acid and alkali resistant.
  • Side 2—Gel Coat. 15 mils (+-.003”) of a smooth, high gloss marine grade gel coat designed to offer superior weathering characteristics and high durability.

The Fiber-Tech FiberForm® advantage is…

  • Seamless, one-piece construction
  • Consistent panel finish results in uniform concrete finish
  • Less rework saves time and money
  • Custom cut to your specifications
  • Durable, strong & abrasion resistant
  • Long panel and form life results in low cost per pour
  • Edge-sealed to resist water absorption
  • Easy to strip and clean ensuring reduced labor costs
  • Decades of proven FRP performance

Fiber-Tech FRP is an unbeatable investment for large seamless pours.  FRP is less expensive than steel forms, more durable than MDO/HDO, and has a high chemical resistance.  One piece, seamless panels can be custom cut up to a maximum of 10' x 55', perfect for pre-cast concrete panel manufacturers.

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