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Fiberglass armor ballistic panel
Fiberglass armor ballistic panel
E-glass panels ready for shipment
E-glass panels ready for shipment
Armor panel showing shot pattern after ballistic test
Armor panel showing shot pattern after ballistic test

Armor / Ballistic

Utilizing E-glass or S-glass woven roving fiberglass fabrics, Fiber-Tech's Solid Ballistic panels have passed National Institute of Justice, NIJ Standards 0108.01 criteria and the UL752 threat level requirements for installation and use in numerous environments.

Applications of E-Glass and Ballistic Fiberglass:

  • Military applications
  • Homeland Security projects
  • Law enforcement & government buildings
  • Court rooms & Judge’s chambers
  • Embassy & consulate buildings
  • E-glass overhead cover systems
  • Safe / panic rooms
  • Banking sites
  • Parking kiosks

Fiber-Tech's ballistic fiberglass panels have been used in a wide variety of applications in military, residential, commercial and industrial markets to provide bullet protection and blast protection.  Built with multiple layers of woven roving fiberglass fabrics, the fiberglass ballistic/armor panels can meet a variety of threat level protection. 

Armor / Ballistic panels manufactured with Fiber-Tech's unique manufacturing process which allows a variety of options and lamination schedules.  Although most threat level ratings can be met with traditional E-glass woven roving saturated with standard polyester thermoset resins, S-glass woven roving and/or vinyl ester resin systems can be utilized for additional specialty application requirements.  This produces superior protection against bullets, shrapnel and blast fragments.  Fiber-Tech armor panels capture the bullet or blast debris by trapping the projectile and delaminating the woven roving plies within the panel without ricochet or spalling.

All panels are custom manufactured and cut to the customers specified dimensions.  Typical panels are available in sizes up to 10 feet wide by 58 feet long and up to 1/2" thick.  For ease of shipping and handling, panels can be easily cut to smaller dimensions stacked and palletized.  Don’t be limited in panel size by other manufactures’ limitations, let Fiber-Tech custom match our panel to your project size requirements.

Lightweight Panels for Your Application

Compared to other armor methods, Fiber-Tech panels are light-weight and can be installed with conventional construction tools.  They can be cut at the project site using a diamond-grit blade, and can be installed with standard construction adhesives or with self-tapping drywall screws.

Fiber-Tech armor ballistic panels are manufactured in the United States with raw materials sourced from the United States of America. 

“Buy American” when your safety depends on consistent quality and performance.

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