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Plywood core FRP – The best value in structural fiberglass panels
Plywood core FRP – The best value in structural fiberglass panels.
A variety of panel finishes and colors
A variety of panel finishes and colors.

CladTuff® FRP Panels

When your project calls for the most economical structural composite fiberglass panels available, think no further than Fiber-Tech’s Clad Tuff® fiberglass reinforced FRP panels.

CladTuff® Standard FRP panel is a well-engineered, high-gloss, fiberglass composite and has become the most popular fiberglass reinforced panel choice by a broad range of equipment manufacturers throughout numerous industries.  Composed of thermoset polyester resin and woven roving fiberglass, Fiber-Tech FRP panels provide superior strength and durability versus any other type of laminated products.

CladTuff® fiberglass reinforced panels are traditionally manufactured from APA trademarked plywood cores in thicknesses from 0.25" to 1.5", although, alternate core materials are available upon request.  You always have the option to choose plywood, polypropylene honeycomb or a wide variety of foam cores.  However, all CladTuff® FRP panels are reinforced with either 17 oz. or 22 oz. fiberglass woven roving on both sides of the core material.  The CladTuff® exterior finish is a high gloss gel coat, and can be color-matched in a variety of colors.  You may choose from many thicknesses of core; and custom panel sizes up to 10 feet wide by 58 feet long. 

The Most Common Custom Fiberglass Sandwich Panel

Our CladTuff® FRP panel is the most common custom fiberglass sandwich panel used in reinforced truck body panel applications.

Fiber-Tech’s unique proprietary manufacturing process has contributed to our fiberglass panels being the preferred composite panel when engineers consider all of their available options.  Some of the features and benefits of Fiber-Tech's FRP panels include:

  • Seamless one-piece panel design
  • A true structural panel rather than a glued skin-to-core laminate
  • Extremely strong & durable construction
  • A variety of core materials, colors, and thicknesses
  • Ability to add multiple layers of fiberglass fabrics
  • Fiber-Tech FRP panels are custom designed and cut to your specifications

CladTuff® Premium FRP Panels

Fiber-Tech’s CladTuff® Premium exterior composite FRP panels are specifically engineered to provide superior performance against weathering and broader temperature extremes. CladTuff® Premium fiberglass reinforced panels have been designed and formulated for applications in extremely harsh environments and is preferred where full-body paint and/or dark exterior colors are required. 

CladTuff® Premium FRP panels are manufactured with specially formulated resins and gel coat to provide improved performance over our proven, time-tested, standard FRP panels. 

The exterior finish is a specially formulated high gloss white gel coat with superior weathering characteristics.  An excellent choice when the customer has a chosen a post-applied high-end paint or decal graphic packages.  CladTuff® Premium FRP panels are also available in sizes up to 10 feet by 58 feet long.

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Call today to learn more about the wide variety of FRP panels to perfectly fit all of your panel requirements.  Fiber-Tech is the leading manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced panels for the transportation, construction, corrosion, military, shelter and marine markets. 

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