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Most common FRP panel in use today
Most common FRP panel in use today
Variety of thicknesses available
Variety of thicknesses available
Customer built portable FRP dog kennel
Customer built portable FRP dog kennel
Customer built units
Customer built units
Customer built insulated container
Customer built insulated container
Finished exterior and interior walls joined at jobsite
Finished exterior and interior walls joined at jobsite
Customer built stall
Customer built stall

Construction & Agricultural Applications

The variety of Fiber-Tech fiberglass panel configurations, core materials, thicknesses, and dimensional sizes have made Fiber-Tech’s fiberglass reinforced panels (FRP) an unbeatable investment for numerous professions in a wide variety of industries and applications.  Some of the more common applications in the construction and agricultural industries are…

  • Concrete form panels
  • Temporary & mobile shelters
  • Offshore living quarters
  • Man camps
  • Work stations
  • Mobile stages
  • Outdoor signs and billboards
  • Job site storage containers
  • Safe rooms
  • Animal confinement

Concrete Form Panels

Concrete formwork represents close to half the cost of a concrete structure. Therefore, the contractor’s choice of the concrete form material is extremely important to the overall success of the construction project.  Fiber-Tech’s concrete forming panels are constructed to meet the most demanding jobsite requirements and the panel’s quality construction will produce numerous, consistent, joint free concrete pours.

Common form material today is MDO or HDO plywood, but when the job demands a higher number of pours with minimal joints and seams, contractors and prestress & precast manufacturers choose Fiber-Tech FiberForm® fiberglass concrete form panels.  No job is too big or too small to not consider Fiber-Tech panels.  Don’t be limited to the typical 2 foot by 4 foot or 4 foot by 8 foot panels when you have the option of using any size panel up to 10 foot by 58 foot.  All panels are custom manufactured and cut to your preferred dimensions even if you prefer the smaller sizes.

FRP Panels for Shelters, Man Camps, Work Stations & Safe House

Fiber-Tech’s CladTuff® and CladFoam® panels have been the preferred style of construction when extremely rugged and durable shelters are required to meet the heavy demands of temporary man camps, work stations, and modular units.  In combination with Fiber-Tech’s armor panel you can create a personal safe room in a permanent structure to provide protection from intruders and tornado debris.  Our ability to produce large one-piece fiberglass panels that are extremely strong, fast and economical to install, easy to clean and maintain, make Fiber-Tech FRP the panel of choice.

Because of the success of FRP for over 40 years in the transportation industry in truck bodies and trailer design most builders and fabricators of shelters, man camps and work stations have adopted a similar fiberglass reinforced panel design for shelters.  Fiberglass composite panels allow the designer to use a one-piece panel design for most wall, floors, and roofs.  Minimizing unsightly wall joints which also reduced construction labor hours.

Animal Confinement Using Fiberglass Reinforced Panels

Farmers and ranchers recognized many decades ago the advantages of fiberglass reinforced panels.  Because of the strength and durability of Fiber-Tech’s FRP panels, structures built or assembled with FRP provide extremely long life with very little maintenance required.  The clean smooth gel coated surface resists moisture, impact, and animal waste which also provides additional safety and comfort for your animals.

You will find Fiber-Tech’s CladTuff® composite panels in numerous applications on the farm or ranch.

  • Horse stalls & barns
  • Stall fronts & dividers
  • Feed rooms & shelters
  • Round pens & arenas

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